Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Friend Named K

K. I met her last year, during an insane phase of my life. I was sulking like Winky from Harry Potter, and that's when she started to walk along, offering the much-needed companionship. Without realising that I was building the foundation to a beautiful relationship, I began befriending her - K, my Winnie-The-Pooh, my McGonagall, my Hermione, my Charlotte, and sometimes, my Hagrid.

Usually, I don't blog about my friends, and gush about how much I love them. But it's K's birthday today. So, I am breaking my own rules. And, K is really special to me all right! Hence, I am listing everything that I love about her. (K, I have been OD'ing on Buzzfeed. So, forgive me for this list. A personal note about a lot of nicer things would reach you soon.)

Here are five reasons why everybody (at least, weirdos like me) needs a friend like K:

1. If I were marooned in an island, and had a cell phone that has enough signal strength, I would still send a text - save me - to my rescuers. I can't make/answer calls to save my life. Like literally. So, why would I not fall in love with a girl, who doesn't phone me at all, but still gives me great company through messages? Why would I not fall in love with a girl, who makes an effort to use proper English even in text messages? (Her 'you' is not 'u'.) At times, she would never think twice before typing a long essay on Viber. I had waited for that kind of a friend all my life; a friend who wouldn't expect me to answer calls. Phew! If there's a God, that guy heard my prayers!

2. Till I met K, I was listening to songs like I am a little star... Aaven naan super star. (No offence to STR fans okay?) Then she sends a couple of songs on WhatsApp, and starts discussing different genres of music. In a few months, I go to a pub and yell at the DJ to play Above & Beyond's Sun and Moon, set my ringtone to Coldplay's 42, and arm-twist another friend into listening to Tom Odell's Another Love. A good friend and good music can change the way one looks at life. Really!

3. While reading, have you ever felt like reading some passages over and over again, and sharing it with best friends, only to invite different views and discuss more? I suffer from that illness. I spam K's inbox with myriad of random quotes and stories. She would patiently read, initiate a healthy conversation, and also read all the books that I want to marry. The trade takes place, when we stumble upon animals's pictures too. Because she knows I love seeing dogs being dogs, and pandas doing interpretive dance. (I know. I am lucky. Thank you.) Also, I am aware that, photos of poonsies fill her eyes with hearts. (A quick advice: Never lose a friend, who loves animals and books.)

4. I have been blogging since 2008, and the number of followers here is less than my nephew's age. (He is 9. If you were wondering...) I promote my articles on social media, but they don't meet a lot of readers. And then, K discovered my blog, read all my stories, and wrote some encouraging comments. That day, I knew I could die peacefully. Since the time she found my blog, she has read all that I have written. (Well, almost.) Most importantly, she gives me honest feedback - shitty stories are shitty. A sincere reader means a great deal to an aspiring writer like me.  

5. I laugh with her heartily, cracking jokes at our expense. I talk to her about my dark secrets, nightmares, struggles, fears, mistakes, desires... She listens, offers, debates, questions, and she makes a genuine effort to know me more. But she never judges. Never. (Sorry about these long lists. I am a sucker for listeners and people who care to question.) And, I know my secrets would die with her. You may make Snape read her mind. He would, maybe, just see two cats being Zennish there.  

Quite often, I wonder if I deserve all that love from her. Like always, EB White's Charlotte's Web had an answer. Knowing her, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Why did you do all this for me?" he asked. "I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you."

"You have been my friend," replied Charlotte. "That in itself is a tremendous thing."

(Happy birthday, K. There are more reasons and I am saving it for next year. Okay. Bye.) 

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