Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mother's Love - From animals' perspective

Mother's Love: Inspiring True Stories From the Animal KingdomMother's Love: Inspiring True Stories From the Animal Kingdom by Melina Gerosa Bellows
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Last year, I challenged myself to complete reading 25 books. But I lagged behind terribly and managed to read about only five to seven books. For this year, I have again planned to read 25 books and thankfully, I have completed reading two. The first one was ‘The Madras Mangler’ and the second one was ‘Mother’s Love’. To motivate myself or let’s say, to warm up enough, I have decided to read novellas, page-turners and coffee-table books in the beginning and gradually scale-up to non-fiction. That’s my plan for the nonce. But it totally depends on the mood.

So, yesterday I finished reading ‘The Madras Mangler’, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. You may find my review in my blog. Today, I had great fun reading ‘Mother’s Love’, which was published by National Geographic Society. The book features inspiring stories about many mothers and their cute babies from Animal Kingdom and stunning pictures of many beautiful animals. ‘Mother’s love’ is a must-read or must-see for every animal lover. I basked in animals’ cuteness and shed tears sporadically as and when I read stories of animals going to great lengths to save their babies from dangers.

How could anyone not gasp with amazement when Scarlett, a cat that entered a building that caught fire five times to rescue her kittens! How could anyone not be amused at the fact that a mommy duck at Vancouver convinced a stranger to rescue her eight ducklings that had fallen into water! How could anyone not wear a smile when the tigress Sita emotionally handled the hostile father of her cubs and slowly introduced her babies to their father, who was a changed-man! There were so many inspiring stories that have been featured in the book and every picture makes it impossible to flip the page. Author Melina Gerosa Bellows writes in Mother’s love that animals are incredibly intelligent and unbelievably affectionate and possessive. Her words reinforced my unconditional love for them.

The book ‘Mother’s Love’ strengthens my belief that every life / animal counts. Perhaps, all those who stage this futile debate on an-animal’s life-is-not-more-important-a-human’s life should read this book and understand the importance of saving an animal’s life. This beautiful planet belongs to Animal Kingdom too and humans have no rights to decide whose value is more important.

When we were once discussing the rampage that a tiger had created when it slipped into a city in Karnataka, an uninformed acquaintance of mine nonchalantly said once, “It is all true that we have encroached upon their habitat. But they should not be creating so much damage to our lives and properties. I’m so glad that a shoot-at-sight order has been given. At any given day, a human life is more important than an animal’s.” He told that in a matter-of-fact tone. I was disgusted and felt so helpless to make such snobbish nincompoops understand that every life on this planet counts and that humans should use their intelligence to co-exist, be considerate and practise love and compassion.

I strongly recommend ‘Mother’s Love’ to learn how beautiful and intelligent animals are. Parents should certainly make children read this book for they are their future guardians. Regardless of one’s values and principles, one should read this book with an open-mind to see things from animals’ perspectives. For once!

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring review, Deepika! Totally loved it! Glad to know that you liked the book so much.