Monday, December 16, 2013

Eight and counting...

It’s that time of the year again. Although I can say certain things in a few words, much to your bad luck, I am addicted to the pleasure of writing. Hence I would go about writing 1500 words to take a trip down memory lane and share a few beautiful thoughts.

Thanks to all the big fat weddings that I attended and the ones that I watched in films, as a kid, I thought that my wedding would also be a glitzy affair. But I fell in love with a unique guy, who was victimised by destiny’s schadenfreude and so, on a rainy evening in 2006, we decided that we would tie the knot that December. In unison, we questioned ourselves, “Can’t we simply live together?” After giving a thought about all the brickbats that my parents would have to face, we chose to get hitched. It wasn’t a big fat fairytale wedding that I dreamt to have. At the same time, it wasn’t an adventurous one that you watch in movies. Our wedding was a calm two-hour ceremony. We were enveloped by our immediate families, who were happy-not-so-happy about our decision, but still they respected our choices and we were ‘blessed’ by folks, who tried their best to not ridicule us. They were not to be blamed. Despite being a part of the world that was developing exponentially and in spite of witnessing quite a few inter-caste marriages, our wedding still came across as a rude shock to many, as the bride was in her late teens and the groom was in his early twenties. With a lot of indifference and defiance around, we entered what one might consider one of the most important phases of life – matrimony.

December 6, 2006, we were pronounced husband and wife. Unlike the reel couples, who would scream their heads off saying ‘Yes! Yes! We did it!” after tying the knot, we realised that nothing changed in our lives. It was pretty much business as usual. Except for the fact that we enjoyed a sense of relief that we had crossed the biggest hurdle of our lives, everything remained the same. The next day after our wedding (December 7), I was at work, much to the surprise, of my colleagues. Honestly, after wedding, we seemed to have realised that we belonged to each other since the time we met. So the one day drama of doing the incomprehensible rituals and striking awkward poses in front of a strange photographer, didn’t affect us much. 

Gradually, life picked up pace. It wasn’t a bed of roses and quite fortunately, we learnt it at an early stage of our marriage. From gathering courage and sagacity to make four individuals, who were as different as chalk and cheese, live under the same roof to battling with internal and external demons, life clearly taught us that marriage is not child play. Thanks to my loved ones, who let us experiment and learn from our debacles, we coped with what seemed close to impossible. Our target was not just to cope with an avalanche of challenges that we later faced, but to come out lustrously was our objective. There is a warrior and sage in each of us, who take in charge when time comes and clears out all that bothers one. Or it might be the game of kismet that sometimes life is veered to the best side. Whatsoever! In the name of marriage, life taught us crucial and subtle lessons that we have gladly imbibed.

Today, we enter our eighth year of marriage (I think I have done my math correctly :D). I realise that I thoroughly enjoy living with this one hell of a man, who is an epitome of quite a few nice (and not-so-nice) things. But I love him for what he is. (Can I also say that he loves me for what I am? :D) Although, almost every woman longs to marry a nice man, through my experience, I learnt that that man has to be the best roomie and needless to say, he has to be the best friend. And naturally, he would turn into a good husband too. 

So, yeah, Sama, you are my perfect roomie, bestest companion and a super-cool husband! And yes, I will tell this every year. If you choose to get married in your next birth too, just keep in mind, I’m game for it. Yes, for another lifetime! Because you know why! 

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