Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'Life is good'

Internet is full of pictures that make us go 'awwww' and 'cho chweet'. Many like seeing photographs of actors and many more love to see babies' pictures. And there are many like me who can't resist photographs of animals. The pictures of cute doggies, cats, elephants, tigers, lions and every other animal on the planet make us feel I-want-them-all. And in my case, if I waste so much of time on the Internet, it is because I keep seeing some doggie picture and say 'so sweet' some million times.

Few sites post theme photographs of dogs. For instance, recently I laughed till my belly hurt when I saw pictures of dogs with human-like expressions. And I was disturbed by photographer Martin Usborne's pictures of 'Dog in Cars'. Those pictures can shake even a stone-hearted person. So, when I was scrolling my Facebook page, drooling over all the doggie pictures, this random thought occurred to me. How would it be if I created an album of some quirky pictures of my pet dog, my angel, my furry-friend, Calvin! How cool would it be to show-off some dainty pictures of Calvin wearing myriad of expressions! So, this blog is dedicated to my bestestest ever companion Calvin and to all animal lovers, who would love to destress seeing my cuddle-bag's pictures! 

My baby brother is 10-years-old. But he has conveniently forgotten that fact. And so, he chooses to show that puppy face and bulbous eyes quite often. We couldn't afford to take plenty of pictures of Calvin, when he was a puppy (as in in the real sense). But these days, I leave no stone unturned to capture the melange of expressions of my blessing. 

The baby potato aka Calvin always looks cute. However he looks cuter when he puts up an act to taste human food. So, I have photographed some of those moments, when Calvin fixed his big eyes on our food. He doesn't throw tantrums or he doesn't bark when he wants to relish our food. The bubble-boy just sits in front of us, keeps seeing our food, drools buckets and chooses to look pitiful. So, when our friends and relatives visit us and find Calvin acting like an Oscar winner, they advise us not to starve him. But everybody doesn't appreciate the fact that this baby-admirer is greedy. He downs his bowl of Pedigree first before he shows us that deplorable face asking for dosai and idli. All the pictures that I have posted here were taken when his mammoth-tummy was full! Whenever I shared all these delicacies with him, he just didn't use words to say that 'Life is good'. But he licked me generously to thank me and tell me how much he loved these foods! So scroll down and bask in his cuteness!

The orange colour piece that you see is thattai, which is Calvin's favourite snack and he has been strictly forbidden from savouring it. But once in a while, I feed him. (Shh! Nobody knows!)

Rava laddu is my husband's favourite sweet. But now you know, who else likes it too. Often, we call Calvin rava laddu. That's one of our terms of endearment. And he enjoys that! Totally! 

I read somewhere that Labradors dream of Bananas. Calvin loves those too. But we frequenly buy apples at home. And our Laddu swallows one or two pieces hurriedly when no one is looking. Yes, sometimes he steals if it's his favourite bite. Bad habit! I will take the onus of reforming him! :)

My brother seems to know how to take care of himself. He chooses to relish a lot of healthy foods and Sundal is one of his favourites. He prefers it when it's less oily. But he doesn't mind anyway! he he he!

Another picture of Calvin waiting for my nod. Apples! He can't resist!

If you ever thought that children and animals won't like to have medicines, think again! You are now seeing the picture of a canine that loves tablets. But those have to be drenched in honey. Calvin knows his routine quite well. After he munches a bowl of senior pedigree, he walks right to the kitchen to threaten my mother to give him his daily medicines! Quite a disciplinarian, it seems!

So if he can see the crow in my neigbour's terrace or the baby-lizard on the ceiling, that's because Carrot is one of his favourite vegetables. There was a vegetable vendor, who used to visit our house daily just to feed treats to this four-legged silly fellow. And his favourite treat is this orange colour veggie!

When it comes to vegetables, this lazybones like chewing potatoes, carrots, beans and onions. This picture was captured when he couldn't take his eyes off the beans that my mother was chopping!

And finally, he loves to pamper his taste buds by relishing chappathi, dosai and idli once in a while. There was a time, when my mother meticulously prepared oil-less dosai for her boy. But we have restricted him these days. So he steals a bite or two from me!

As you have scrolled down so much, I thought I will give you some complimentary pictures also on the theme 'Life is good'

My baby-brother is not annoyingly naughty. But once in a while, he shows his mischievous side too. He had to wear this cone of shame when he scratched his ears vehemently and we had to treat him for some ear infection. He completely detested this whole idea of wearing this cone and we all teased him a lot too. Doesn't he look like a speaker? Like the ones that go baaaaan during aadi maasam!

Although I love to dress him up, this Rasagulla doesn't co-operate at all. Look at his chagrined face when I tried to make him look a pirate or something!

But he loves to do this. He whiles away all the languorous evenings by chilling on my parents' bed. But nobody minds that anyway. He doesn't have any deadlines, right!

And he does this, when he warms our bed too much!

Bathing is one activity that he despises the most. I drag him to the bathroom and give him a nice message. But his brain still doesn't seem to recognise this nifty routine. However when he wants to play in water during summer, he goes in of his own accord and refuses to come out. We even threatened him to lock him up once in the bathroom. But he didn't give in at all!

And yes, he plays too - mostly, when we are not around. The LHS picture was taken when he tried to be nice to the soft toy since we were around. The RHS photo was taken when we weren't watching and so he decided to tear it up.

Finally, this picture is a killer. That's Calvin watching a weekend flick. Didn't I tell you that he thinks he is not a dog, did I? In his mind, he is a human too. But he is not egoistic. So he doesn't carry any weight around him and he doesn't hold grudges. He might be possessive. He might expect you to be all his. But even if you breach his rules and disappoint him, he forgives you in a blink of an eye. He prepares himself to love you all over again. And that's precisely what makes him special. His attitude towards life is something that teaches tonnes of lessons!

I hope that you liked my Bamboosa's pictures and I will post more as and when he strikes pretty poses! :) Cheerio!

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