Friday, October 4, 2013

Inji's road of rusk to freedom

Chapter 1:
Inji, a stray dog, whom we feed quite regularly was marooned in a locked house in our street. We couldn't find her a couple of days and she managed to make some whiny noise to garner our attention. For the first two days, we thought that she was willfully staying there since nobody lives in that house. But only after I found her in the same place for two days, we realised that she is stuck there. We tried contacting the owner to get the key. But nobody seemed to have his number. Then with the help of a few construction workers in the street, we tried to lift her out. But she tried to shoo us away by growling. Eventually, I phoned Blue Cross this morning. Without even paying heed to my complaint, that lady snapped at me with a curt reply. She told that the Blue Cross team will not enter a locked house. So, should the animal be let to die? I didn't want to argue with her further. So, I called up Mr. Dawn Williams, the GM of Blue Cross. He was so sweet, listened to me completely and suggested a couple of ways to rescue the animal. But every method ended in vain because Inji was naturally timid, so, she wouldn't cooperate and top of all these, she seemed to be pregnant. I phoned Mr. Williams again and he promised to send a couple of boys. But my mind was so full of the dog that's incapable to find its way out. Poor thing! I waited for a call from Mr. Williams.

Chapter 2:
As soon as my husband returned from work, I pestered him to figure out a way to rescue Inji. Yes, I have immense belief in his presence of mind. :) So both of us clung to the compound wall for some time, before he decided that the policy 'Patience is a virtue' doesn't hold good all times. Hence my significant other chose to break open the garage door of the house and much to our chagrin, terrified Inji hid in some corner of the abandoned building. If breaking into the house was a tiring task, getting the timid dog out of the house was brain-draining. Inji seemed to have ensconced in a stinky bathroom. We managed to lure her by showing a pack of rusks and believe us if I say that we had to leave a track of rusks from the ill-scented toilet to the road, to lead her out. The dog took almost half an hour when she finished eating all the rusks on her way and eventually ended up reaching the road. Phew! I am now a happy dog-mama and thanks to everybody, who prayed for her. And million thanks to my husband, who always manages to make the most critical decision. :) To liberate the animal from distress, we trespassed. But, who cares when the animal is happy and free! I would have been happier if Blue Cross showed little more involvement. No complaints! Nothing at all! All is well! :)


  1. Patience is a virtue' doesn't hold good all times. That is so true. On similar lines, Rules are meant to protect. So, if it does not solve that basic purpose, break it. Simple. Kudos to ur hubby to take a life saving decision.

  2. Awwww! Many thanks for the kind words, Sriks. Somewhere, it kept hitting us that we broke rules. Thank you very much for making us feel better :)