Monday, January 21, 2013

A real surprise!

Life is full of surprises :D

Last August, I submitted a write-up for the National Dog Day contest that was conducted in the US. It was organised by Monica Holloway, who is the author of 'Cowboy and Wills'. Little did I know then that she would like my write-up. Someone from Monica's office contacted me a month ago to get my address and see what I've got from them. I seriously didn't expect that my 200-word article would help me bag these prizes. yaaaay!

And so this is what I wrote for the contest.

My submission for the National Dog Day Writing Contest. Felt good to write about a soul that just lives for pats and walks and gives candid love in return!

The effects of the robotic work, clamorous roads and the tiring travel vanish as soon as I step into my house every day. I’m not dubious about the fact that it’s just because of an angel who waits for me to return home safe and goes all over me to shower his love. The name is Calvin Carter and I can’t believe that it’s almost a decade already since he lit our lives with his unconditional love. We were not cognizant then that that puppy would help my mom overcome clinical depression, make my dad acquire the love for pets and give great listening for the entire family. The limitless love that he has for us goes for all the vendors who visit us too and that inexplicable behaviour of Calvin taught many an acquaintance to respect and love all. He is an epitome of patience and positive energy and spreads the vibes to others effortlessly. Having grown along with him, I’ve learned to be affectionate, friendly, positive, energetic and sympathetic. We are jolly well the fans of his invisible and effervescent smile, which can be seen only by the animal lovers.

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