Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I like barking!

Hellos! Feeling great to be back after taking a hiatus of couple of months! Well, it’s just been two months since I posted my last blog? It feels like ages. I really can’t understand why. Seriously! But, never mind! 

You know what I’m up to these days. This is what I do. I just bark!

After giving up six years of experience, learning and recognition which I gained in BPO industry, I have restarted my career as a journalist. I’ve been meeting a lot of people and in a spree of interviewing celebrities. And on top of all that, I write almost every day. At least, 300 words. It is satisfying indeed!

I should tell you about one thought that forced to me write a blog today. I worked in a BPO for six years. And trust me! I slogged and sweated like a pig. Was I happy with my old job? Of course, yes! Then why did I quit and get back to square one? Basically, I’m this sort of nuttu-kezhanda case. No! Not really. There were two reasons. A.  I wanted to do something different and creative. B. I wanted to write every day. So now I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with such a job that demands creativity and language proficiency. I had to be creative to handle my previous job as well. But I was enveloped by some sort of emptiness and hopeless people. Hence I made the toughest decision of my life to start everything all over again. But how has this decision impacted my life?

1.    After ages, amma and appa are proud of me.
2.    Amma keeps telling, “Kondhey, intha velai-la unakku nalla future irukku.” I wonder what makes her think like that!
3.    Appa, who never wanted to tell people that I worked in a BPO, keeps yapping about my articles and doesn’t seem to stop boasting these days.
4.    I write every day. Even if it is sagikkala type, there are people to help me out.
5.    I go for events and get to meet people. In spite of being an ambivert, I’ve developed an acquired taste for socialising.
6.    Many, who pretended to be invisible in the FB list, pop up out of blue for a chat.

1.    I work for six days a week.
2.    I can take off on Friday, which means I work during weekends.

I promise that I didn’t try to be optimistic and all that! I can think of very less disadvantages about my current profile.

Some of my friends asked me these questions a couple of times. Why did I not choose journalism six years ago? And why did I choose it now as it’s a significant shift in my career? I’ve mulled over those questions too. Eventually, I’ve managed to find the answers. Perhaps, in 2005 or 2006, I didn’t possess the ability to write something like this blog, at least. My vocabulary was extremely limited and grammar was quite shaky then. Not that they are great now. Just a quick glance will do to identify 28 errors in this blog. Perhaps, I’ve just developed the ability to manage. So I’ve taken my own time to improve my skill-sets. And the six years of time that I spent in a BPO has made me who I’m now. I seemed to have needed that time and exposure to learn and develop. So I have consoled myself by realising that I’m still not too late for a change.

At the moment, everything seems to have found its place and life doesn’t look too bright nor too dark. A sort of grey, as always. It's the usual melange of blah and fascinating things.