Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Endless Path

Hey, you, lonely path!

Take me to the unknown end of your track,
as I reflect, meditate and look back!

Let me forget the hustle and bustle of life,
and be with me when I laugh at all the strife!

I heard that you are a great listener,
and would you listen to this silent dreamer?

Shall we talk about my failures and pains?
or trash those and relive the pleasures and gains?

I dreamed to learn, win and grow,
but succumbed to many a blow.

I hold a heart that’s wounded by poignant words,
but it refused to be a part of the common herds.

They say that it’s a sin to nourish one’s ego,
so I’ve let many a friend to forget and go.

I am haunted by those big-decisions,
and perennially warned of my impractical visions.

They hate me for my restless mind,
but I blame it on my Zodiac sign's bind.

I love them for what they are,
and that has let me walk so far.

Think of the place where you are going to take me,
as I retreat and lose myself under this lovely tree.

Thank you for staying with me,
when I chose to be low-key,

I wish to see a bright sun at the end of this walk,
and I should confess that I’m boosted by our small talk.

I reckon that you’ll be my permanent aide,
and I’ll come back when I need some shade.

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