Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life is fair to all

This is definitely not a fresh morning for me. My client who was with me last night wanted to kill his wife, I suppose. It was a terrible night with him, but I’m glad that he decided to wind up early. Thanks to him, I got to catch forty winks. By reading this, I’m certain that you may infer that I’m a sex-worker. But don’t get carried away with the clich├ęs that the sex-workers are unhappy and are subjected to endless torments. The latter part of the previous sentence is true to a degree. But I consider that as work-hazards. Does my outlook astound you? Maybe yes! I’m definitely satisfied with my profession and working hard to scale great heights. I can catch the thoughts running in your mind now. How would a sex-worker define great heights? Yes, let me explain that to you. Just like how the white-collars and blue-collars have got to retire at 58, we would also be forced to retire at some point in time depending on how well we can maintain our beauty, body etc., Do you get what I’m saying? So I’m a kind of planning for my future. My colleagues strongly believe that I’m a visionary. But I believe that I’m an optimist. I always get prepared for the future. So what’s my post-retirement plan? Maybe, I would want to open a boutique, which would target elite class customers. If not a boutique, a unisex salon is also on my mind. I’m elated about the fact that beauty and clothing are overrated. I’ve decided to take advantage of it. Okay, let me not digress now. I would have to start saving a lot of money. Like these IT geeks and BPO show-offs, I don’t get the salary credited in my bank account, you see. My regular clients are my angels, who would visit me as the clock works. But to be dependent on the mediators is something that I don’t like. But as long as the clients are lined up for me, I don’t want to whine much. These days I get sunk in the thought of sculpting a beautiful future for me. So I really have to buck-up to get some handsome savings. By the way, I really have to get ready swiftly to meet a first-timer. He might want me in his place by the early evening itself. Let me better hurry up with my daily chores!

This first-timer is a late-comer. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour at the place he wants me to be. But he still hasn’t shown up. There I can hear someone talking over the phone. Oh god! This one should be in his mid-twenties. Are you wondering about my age? That’s against my work ethics to talk about my age. This client of mine just smiled at me. That’s a friendly smile, I should say, which I rarely get to see.  He comes close to me with a bigger smile.

“Hey, have you been waiting so long”, the first timer asks blushing.

“Yes! For almost an hour. I wouldn’t mind though. Unusually, you wanted me to be here by early evening. So that’s just a change in the routine”

“Sorry about that! I was busy in a shoot and had a long day”

The clients usually wouldn’t talk this much. This guy is a real bore. I am definitely not in a mood for a talk. Coming early to work doesn’t happen often for me. So my mind is definitely looking forward to calling it a day as soon as I can.

“The chief explained the terms and conditions to me. I’m pretty clear about those”, he says.
I’m a kind of finding this different. This guy sounds like he’s going to sign a contract. He should be working in one of those huge IT buildings.

“Great that he told. I can be here for another hour.”

Even before I finish my sentence, his phone rings and he says, “I’m not at work now. Send your cousin to office tomorrow. I’ll take him to the studio with myself and make him participate as one of the participants in the tomorrow’s shoot itself. Hey! That’s okay! I’m more than glad to do this for you... How about his general knowledge? All that I can do is to make him participate. But this guy has to prove himself in the preliminary to get to the hot seat and prove harder then. Ask him to prepare a little bit.”

The word ‘hot-seat’ rings a bell for me. Right! This show that I follow, which calls the viewers to participate and win 1 Crore, I think he’s talking about that. It’s indeed a great show. Quick-money! I love quick-money!

“We really wouldn’t know the type of questions which would be asked in the show. Haven’t you watched the show? It’s pretty random... Whatever! Ask him to be confident...” he says.

Now I can see what he’s doing. I usually don’t put my beak into my clients’ businesses. But I know about that show. Just participate and work hard to get to the hot seat. The types of questions which they ask are sometimes extremely silly. I can crack those questions just like that. I’ve watched that show many a time. How grand would it be to win 25 lacs or 50 lacs in an hour and get settled for the entire life with my boutique or the salon!

“I’ll give you a buzz later, bud. I’m a stuck with some work here. Talk to you tomorrow, Bye!” he says.

Right after the call, he really gets busy with his business with me. I think, it should be almost an hour since I met him. He gets ready to say good-bye. This guy is really courteous and different. I am obsessed with the thoughts about my boutique. I really want to ask him something. Since he is different and nice to me, maybe let me try asking. What’s wrong in trying, anyway?

“I could understand that you work for this great show.”

“Yes, I do. Have you watched it?”

“Yes! Almost every day.”

“Oh! Great! Do you like it?”

“It’s a wonderful show. What’s the procedure to participate in that show?”

“You’ve been watching it almost every day. Don’t you know the procedure?”

“I thought that there should be a short-route to get in, like how we have everything.”

“There isn’t any. You have to follow the procedure that comes up in the show.”

I should’ve known my limits. How would someone want to take me to such shows?

“Okay. Bye.” He says.


He walks out of the room, but he looks like he’s thinking of something that he’s forgotten to pick from the room. He gazes and stops when the eyes reach me.

“Come to the studio at 2’o clock tomorrow and meet me. And by the way, you would be asked to mention your profession. And just say, you are a play-school teacher. You look like one, anyway!” he smiles.

I just couldn’t believe this and I’m short of words. But didn’t I tell you this guy is different?

“Thank you. I’ll do so.”

He walks away and I am immobilised because of elation. Tomorrow is going to be my day. Maybe, I would have to retire sooner than I expected. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve to find a nice place for the boutique, choose a catchy name for the shop, so on and so forth. You know that I’m optimistic, don’t you? This is it! Life is indeed fair to all!

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  1. As usual super de !!! I like the way u narrate...good one !!!