Sunday, November 27, 2011

What if they spoke!


Taking slow sips of coffee as I read ‘The Hindu’ is the first activity that I carry out every day. It’s a pleasure to me to get refreshed by tasting a cup of strong coffee when I get engrossed in reading the morning newspaper. Usually the contentment of doing something productive lingers for some time. But that pleasure vanished on that day after I read a couple of reports on the dog-killing spree. 5 dogs were killed by a construction company which is involved in constructing posh apartments in the sub-urban area of Chennai. A very famous educational institution deployed few employees to eliminate 7 dogs which lived in their campus. The former one shot the dogs. The latter clubbed them to death. My heart bled after I learned that a couple of dogs struggled for their lives even after they were clubbed ruthlessly.

I couldn’t hold the thoughts on this gruesome activity to myself. Reading out the report to my mother and my husband was the only solace. My mom cursed those killers and wondered how the Almighty would stay still even after witnessing such acts, my significant other censured the killers, I sighed and it was business as usual at home.

Dear Bhairav

My name is Calvin Carter. Please don’t wonder about my surname. My brother-in-law, gave that last name to me when I created a FaceBook account for myself. My family has given me an English name, but raised me as a Hindu-Brahmin. Oh, yes! They don’t allow me to chew and relish bones, which every dog would love doing. At the same time, I appreciate the fact that these guys treat me as their own family member. So that woe of mine doesn’t impact me much. Sorry, that’s not germane to the current situation.

Bhairav, I’m 8.5 years old and leading a healthy life. A battle with a disease called Leptospirosis and a confrontation with a street dog tried to shake me a bit last month. But the Himalayan support by my family seemed to have made me swim against the hard currents. You, as the Almighty should take that into consideration when you decide to bestow your blessings. Ah! I’ve been talking about my family for so long, but I still haven't given you any details about them. I’m going to follow an age-wise order. My Dad – Pet-raising is an acquired taste for him. I remember how much he hated me when I was a puppy. All those days have gone and I think that I changed his mind by my loyalty. Oh! Don’t think that I’m bragging. Actually the credit goes to my mom. I should thank her for being persistent during those hard times of my life. Mom – She is an angel to me. Sometimes I doubt if she cosseted her daughters like how she pampers me. She thanks me quite often for giving her company when she was haunted by depression. The truth isn’t that. I need her the most. I love her company. Brother-in-Law – I hate him for being strict to me. He wouldn’t let me taste my favourite foods. Do you know what I love eating? I love Idlis, Dosas, Chappathis, Cakes, Murukku, Thattai, Seedai etc., He wouldn’t let me smell all those. He urges the entire family to maintain my Pedigree diet. I know that he does that for my welfare. So he is in good-books of mine these days. Sister – She pushed my parents to adopt me and persuaded the entire family to raise me. She used to spend a lot of time with me when she wasn’t working. Now-a-days, I get to see her only in weekends. That’s okay! I know that she loves me and she knows that I love her. The only thing that I don’t like about her is that she bathes me quite often.

I love going for walk with Dad. I love licking my mom’s face. I love when my brother-in-law hits and pinches me playfully. So Bhairav, now you have got a fair idea of the kind of life that I lead.

Okay, let me explain why I decided to write to you. When I was lounging in the hall this morning, my family was discussing a couple of incidents. I heard that few of my fellows were murdered by the Homo sapiens. I must say that that shook me. You might think why I should be worried when I am typing this email when I am happily ensconced on my favourite carpet. Please don’t expect me to fast till those murderers get hanged. That’s ruled out! All that I can do is to write to you about few key points on this issue.

Did you think of the reason on why I chose to write to you? Thanks to Internet. I read that you are the one who has empowered a dog as your official Vahana. So you can put yourself in our shoes, though we don’t have one. I just tried to crack a joke. If you don’t appreciate jokes cracked by amateurs, that’s fine! Let me be plain and say that I believe that you can empathise.

Before I started to compose this email, I was reminded of few articles which I read on animal-killings and rampages by animals. I’m sure that you would be aware of the fact that the Homo sapiens have occupied the habitats of quite a few beautiful animals. The list is long, I must say. Giant Pandas, Tigers, Asian Elephants, Blue Whales etc., are considered as endangered species. The problem of those animals looks big. I am not going to dwell on it now. I leave those major issues with you to arrive at a sane decision. Even when I read those articles, I felt that my fellows are safe and just prayed for my animal-friends to get saved by you. But after I listened to my family’s discussion, I am worried too. All these days, I was under an impression that Humans are Angels. But if you have noticed I haven’t used the word ‘Humans’ in this email, when I referred to Homo sapiens. I feel that I’m going through a volte face now. Not all the Humans are angels. What else I could say when these humans behave in a merciless manner!

When I go for a walk with my dad, sometimes I take a leak in front of my neighbours’ houses. Dad would scowl for my undisciplined behaviour. Bhairav, I would like to ask one question to all those who dislike such behaviour of mine. How would they protect their compound walls from the drunkard / sober Homo Sapiens who urinate on their walls with pleasure?

My sister was saying that a construction company which was building luxurious apartments wanted to remove the dogs from their land. So they had shot our fellows and buried them. A gold-hearted blue cross member scooped out the carcass to prove to the police. An education institution which has the responsibility of instilling values in students have recruited and deployed workers to club my fellows to death. Bhairav, now I realise that my vocabulary is limited. I just can’t find words to explain their draconian behaviour.

On top of all those, I lost hope when I heard that the killers would just be imprisoned for two years for committing such a brutal offence. I got to know that a lot of nations are trying to abolish Capital Punishment. Even the convicts who have committed quite a few murders are considered as humans and are given a chance to live. I don’t expect my fellows’ killers to get Capital Punishment, but at the same time the Law should pass on a stern message to curb such killings. Bhairav, do you think that I am asking for too much? I am just asking for the basic rights to share this beautiful planet with all my other friends.

I’m writing to you to reiterate that as a God who has a dog as the Vahana, you should make the Humans stay Humane. Please make them understand that this world is for us too.

With Love


George Holbrook Jackson was absolutely correct in saying that “Man is a dog's idea of what God should be.” Those animals are innocent and helpless and completely depend on us to live in this beautiful planet.

- Written by Sarada Deepika


  1. Heart touching! Being a Puppy lover, I totally understand the feelings. I hate it, when people bully the street dogs for fun. Grrrrr... and killing them mercilessly is something I can't stand. Wish people listen to their heart rather than just using their Brain. :(