Saturday, November 19, 2011


Slither ~ carnal proseSlither ~ carnal prose by Urmilla Deshpande

Should I be ashamed to say that I'm currently reading a carnal prose? Nope! Not at all. It feels good to try something out of the regular ones. Maybe, one who is passionate about reading should try all sorts of genres to enjoy the real flavour of variety-writing.

The compulsion of buying a book whenever I visit a bookstore made me buy Slither. As I surfed the racks, the Slither's book cover lured me. A naked lady on the bed was just enough to attract even an absent-minded loiterer. I picked up the book and read the intro by the author. Urmilla Deshpande's words on how she wrote the carnal prose when she was surrounded by her nieces and nephews and feeling liberated pushed me to purchase it. I still can't establish if those could be considered as reasons for me to buy a book, but definitely a couple of excuses to escape into a new book. But the book has now helped me not to regret about making a haste decision.

I've read 1/3 of the book. You may think that it's too early to compose a review, but I think that the author should be appreciated for writing this kind of a book in the first place. I often wonder how a woman has written about the bodily pleasures of men so explicitly. It's an art by itself to appraise things which are enjoyed by the opposite sex.

I've been carrying this book to work everyday and catching a glimpse of few words as and when I find time. However I felt a little awkward to read it in crowded places. I read the story called 'Isis' when I was in the cab and on my way to work. Isis, a short story about the life of a filmstar-cum-pornstar was great indeed. I sighed after I completed reading 'Isis' as I slowly lifted my head up and realised that I was in my office cab. That sudden realization and weird feeling of reading a carnal prose when sitting amidst a group of acquaintances was not really okay, but I was reminded of Urmilla Deshpande's words. Yes, I felt liberated. I questioned myself,"What's wrong in reading a carnal prose? Do I also believe the myth that masturbating, watching porn and reading erotic stories are sins?" I hope that I haven't misguided by making such a comparison nor did I underrate Slither.

'O Johnny, let's play' and 'Beyond the pale' made me forget that I was reading an erotica. It looked like Urmilla Deshpande had handled the common stigmas of the society.

Since this book is a compilation of short stories, I am doing parallel-reading at the moment and taking slow sips of 'Slither'. I'm sure that I would enjoy the rest of the stories as well.

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  1. A bold move, I would say, especially knowing the narrow-minded people we are surrounded of, of not only picking such a book to read but also write a blog on it. Kudos!

  2. Thank you, Mohan, for all the time that you have spent in reading my blogs :)

  3. Hey girl, it was wonderful to read this. Someone sent me a link this morning, and it made my day. I love it when someone enjoys my work!

  4. Pleasure is mine, Ms. Deshpande! I'm glad that I made your day :) I loved all the short stories. My favourite is 'Isis'. Btw, I'm on 'Goodreads' too and I have already marked 'A Pack of Lies' and 'Kashmir Blues' as my 'to-reads'.

  5. That's great! Let me know how you like them, or if you don't. I notice you use the phrase 'carnal prose' normally in your review - that made me smile. The reason I invented that name for my book was so that it wasn't called erotica.

    And - No one calls me Ms. Deshpande!it's umi. I was just reading your "are you twins" - it's funny!