Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Retrospect

Reading is one of my favourite activities. In spite of being passionate about reading, I was completely bogged down throughout this year and I hardly beaked into good tomes. Thankfully, the shelf-life of the books is not a constraint. If not, I would have wasted quite a lot of money that I shelled out to purchase each book which decorates my mini-library.

Every time when I gazed at my closet, I was intimidated by the heap of books which I couldn’t read. The large ones like ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Fountainhead’ were posing like monsters. A book-buff will be able to follow me and understand the kind of predicament I would have been in then. Yes, I’m talking about the readers’ block. The urge to buy a book as and when I visit a book-store made the pile of unread books grow. Along with the mountain of books, my woes also grew.

Without making any great resolution, I picked up ‘Pride and Prejudice’ reluctantly. I read, read and read and managed to complete reading it in a month’s time. The only habit that I love about myself is that I am determined to read the books completely. Irrespective of my preference, I ensure not to quit reading until I visit the last page. So that resolute behaviour of mine aided to bid farewell to ‘Pride and Prejudice’ after a month.

After 3 months of hibernation, 'The Invisible Man' made the stagnant water evaporate. Quite a few pages on the scientific procedures handled by the protagonist to become invisible didn’t enter into my head. The struggle of living through those pages was worth the time spent. The Invisible Man was fun to read, but you might enjoy more, if you would understand those experiments, unlike me.

To me, Aravind Adiga is a Good Samaritan. Before I quote the reason, let’s carry out a quick analysis. Apparently, I took 4 months to read 2 books. I began to read ‘The White Tiger’ in the mid of April, right after the ‘The Invisible Man’. It was so gripping and made me almost forget the fact that I read it in 2 weeks, which was a great achievement for me at that point in time. ‘The White Tiger’ is a dark and brilliant novel on real India. You may try reading it even if you don’t have a great love for reading.

I think I rested too much on my laurels. I was up again only by the month of July with the voice of Ayn Rand and the book was ‘Anthem’. It was a simple novella which demanded only 4 hours of my Sunday. That was a great read. Having said that it was good read, I should also state that it made me to meditate about it for quite some time, thus I left a gap of another month.

That’s when, for a change, Sujatha walked amidst all the English guys to give an insight on ‘God’. I knew that I wasn’t ready to take a dive into such a heavy subject. But I succumbed to impulse. I should admit that it was refreshingly informative and didn’t lull me into sleep like how the other non-fictions do to me. It will not be an exaggeration if I own up that that the book turned me into an agnostic for some time. So now we know how I wound up the month of August.

I gathered courage and determination and lifted a heavy tome called ‘The Fountainhead’. I swore to myself to complete reading it in a couple of weeks. I must say that I was surprised by my own deed. I am a fan of Ayn Rand and I think that I didn’t need a great drive to enjoy the book. Two weeks flew swiftly.

‘A Room with a View’ was slightly mundane. Mostly, it accompanied me to my restroom trips. Fortunately, it’s somewhat bigger than a novella, so that didn’t handicap me much. 8 days of time was too much to spend on such a small book.

Just like ‘Anthem’, ‘Srirangathu Devadhaigal’ entertained me for a Sunday afternoon. I expected lot more from Sujatha on this one, nevertheless I loved reading it.

This month, an infant-like gadget reached my lap or my palm rather which transcended me to the world of E-Reading. Amazon Kindle is all I would have dreamt of owning and it’s jolly well a blessing for the readers. I’ve always been scared of reading P.G.Wodehouse’s books, just because of his extensive vocabulary. Sometimes, I reckon that it’s a curse to keep referring to the dictionary while reading an interesting book. PGW makes me use my dictionary to the fullest. But Kindle has solved that problem with its inbuilt-dictionary and so I got to immerse in the ‘The Inimitable Jeeves’ without much hassle. Who wouldn’t love that rummy valet, Jeeves!

In spite of not being a fan of Chetan Bhagat, I have read all the 5 books written by him. So that means that I read the ‘Revolution 2020’ too. My notes on the experience of reading R2020 end just there. There is nothing much to write about it.

Slither, an erotica written by Urmilla Deshpande was a different pick. There are no talks about it on the Social Networking Websites. No politicians have protested against that Indian Lady for writing an erotica. Slither is indeed a silent performer. If you are looking for variety and completely okay in reading a carnal prose, then ‘Slither’ wouldn’t hurt much. You may find my review on ‘Slither’ in this website itself.

The unsatisfied wish of not reading comics and fairy tales of an adult-like child was almost sated by ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Dorothy, Toto, The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodman and The Cowardly Lion were just perfect. Except the quite a few errata in the book, I really loved reading it. It is a great read for all the child-like adults too.

If you believe that books can leave you pensive and ponderous, then you must know that ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ is one such work. ‘The Old Man and The Sea’, more like novella, earned the Nobel Prize for Ernest Hemingway. Just like ‘Animal Farm’, this book is another example to prove that the books should not be judged by its cover. Very few would know that such little books carry thoughtful messages.

Eventually, I have overcome readers’ block. Did Kindle bring the charm or did I pep up myself? I’m not sure. All that leaves me contented is that it feels really good to spend time constructively. I thoroughly love the exhausting and invigorating travel to the perfect, humorous and different worlds created by brilliant writers.


  1. On 3rd Jan 2011 I went out & purchased 8 books worth Rs.789. The date & cost are so clear as the bill still sits in my purse. Its the first time I spent so much money on books in my entire life so far. Till now only 1 book has been finished from cover to cover. So reading this blog makes so much sense to me & I have made up me mind to put more effort to over come my READERS BLOCK.

  2. Thank you for reading, Gerard :) Just escape into the world of your favourite books :)

  3. Nicely written! Now you've made me guilty of giving up on reading (hope to break my Reader's Block soon). Most importantly I still haven't finished PGW's Laughing Gas :(

    I enjoy reading your blogs; keep up the good work!

  4. Really good one dear !!! Hmm....let me think..why is that i am not interested inreading..sometimes i feel i am left alone when sree is stuck with PS2 and Shravu is grown and busy with his friends..Me cleaning the wardrobe,parlour,cooking...let me also develop this good habit..READING..Deeps help me in suggesting some simple good books...U know me better..and abt ur Blog..I am proud of u my sweet sis..GO ON !!!!

  5. I'm enthralled, Krithi :) Thank you :)