Saturday, March 26, 2011

The immortal possession of the mortals

Human brain is one of the few wonders that leaves me amazed. I still wonder how it retains memories about days which have to be exhumed, but struggles to generate the answer if somebody asks for current day’s date. My brain also does that religiously and I vividly remember quite a few moments of my life. It’s indeed a pleasure to share and document such memories. Those memories have been swimming in my mind for eons and eventually, I have caught them to put those to the paper and penned down a handful of sweet memories and few horrible nightmares.
Pampered by Parents
A terrible ride
I was on a bicycle ride with Appa and started crying out of blue. I couldn’t remember quite well about what made me cry. However, I remember the face of my mother when she saw me coming home with a deep wound in my left ankle. She burst into tears as soon as she saw my ankle and yelled at Appa and paati (maternal grandmother) for not taking care of me when she was at work. I had to listen to their conversation to learn that I had left my leg between the spokes of the bicycle wheel. Appa took me to the ‘Maavu Mill’ to grind some grains for Deepavali Snacks and that’s when the dreadful accident had occurred. Amma still recalls the incident and tells that I started to walk again only on Deepavali.
Somebody is following us!
TVS Champ was the first 2 wheeler that my father had and I was made to sit in the front when amma couldn’t hold me on her lap. I think, we started from our paati’s house (paternal grandmother) in Mylapore and headed back to our house which was in Mandaveli. I strained my neck by looking at the moon throughout my travel and told appa that the moon was following us. Appa smiled and explained that it didn’t follow us and stayed where it was.
‘Sunny’ days
As a child who fell sick too frequently, I was forbidden to eat ice-cream, chocolates and quite a few fruits. A homeopathy doctor treated me to get rid of sickness; the entire family took special care to safe-guard me and monitored to make sure that I didn’t consume anything that didn’t agree with me. The doctor instructed that the normal shampoo shouldn’t be used and suggested a shampoo called ‘Sunny’. The shampoo was sold by the doctor and by a very few chemists in the city. Appa toiled to hunt for ‘Sunny’ every month. When he wasn’t able to find ‘Sunny’, he instructed amma not to wash my hair at all.
Are your daughters twins?
Appa always makes sure to be impartial and free from prejudice and made an awful lot of attempts to prove it. One such way was to make Krithi and I look alike. We were bought similar clothes, but just in different colours. From the frocks to accessories, everything looked alike. I somehow had a feeling that Krithi wasn’t quite comfortable with that scheme. There were a lot of acquaintances who mistook us as twins. I still have one question for those who mistook us. There is an age difference of almost 6 years between us, but did we really look like twins? Perhaps, it’s true. The same question was asked by few of my colleagues as well.
The incomplete final rites
Amma dressed me up and told that we were going to V.G.P. Golden Beach. I was scared of heights (I’m still) and refrained from going in most of the rides. My family was excited and enjoyed the day thoroughly. The Maharajah Dosa was very famous then and the entire family indulged in having one. Although, I didn’t enjoy the rides, I felt contented after relishing the dosa. I wasn’t aware that a shocking incident was waiting to happen. When I washed my hands and put my hand in my mouth to clean, I realised that I had lost a tooth. The tooth was in its place before having the dosa. Appa searched and confirmed that I had swallowed my tooth when I was relishing the dosa. I grew sad and felt heavy for not being able to do the final rites for my tooth.
Vaikunta Ekadesi
On a Vaikunta Ekadesi day, we all visited the Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore and appa bought a ‘Thaayakattu’ and ‘Paramapatham’ (Snake and Ladder board) for me. All my playmates were busy and I couldn’t find a partner to play the new game. I stood in front my house and played with the shells leisurely. I scratched my nose with one of the shells and breathed in one accidentally. I exhaled hard to push the shell out, but the shell seemed to be placed comfortably. I gave up and confessed the truth to appa, who immediately rushed to take me to a doctor. All of a sudden, he stopped me and gave a slight blow on my head. The shell slipped out of my nose and I breathed out relief.
Bhajans for Golu
Appa is an ardent music lover and he lends his ears to variety of music. We grew up listening to devotional songs everyday and sometimes did impromptu kutcheris at home. Friends and relatives fondly called us ‘Mylapore Sisters’. We were trained in classical singing and I learned to play Violin for a brief period of time. Appa took Krithi and me to one of his friends’ place for Golu. Appa introduced his daughters to the host and asked us to sing for Golu. ‘Maami-kaga oru paatu paadungo, please’, requested the aunty. Krithi and I synchronised shruthi and started to sing the famous kuthu-song loudly, ‘Vellarikka pinju vellarikka; enna paakama porala chandirikka’. I am sure nobody would have expected the guest for golu to sing a cine song, which was again an item number. However, Maami appreciated us and appa stood smiling. Krithi and I still cherish the moment, laugh about it and feel sorrow for our unruly behaviour. Perhaps, the maami didn’t show the disappointment; but she wouldn’t have had a great impression.
When I decided to write about my past, I thought that it’s going to be simple and easy; but it seems that I would have to write few more parts. All of the aforementioned incidents occurred before I turned 10. I have got loads to write and would come up with more blogs to record more of my memories.

Monday, March 21, 2011

‘Comfort’ is the mot juste

After a long time, I had a wonderful evening with Arav and Sam in the Besant Nagar Beach. We were engrossed in some deep conversations about family and friends and took a trip down the memory lane.

Thinking about those pleasant memories makes the heart grow heavy and chewing the bitter experiences makes me realise that they have made me stronger. In the journey called Life, we meet umpteen numbers of passengers and a few are destined to travel with us till the very end. Having thought about that, I was intrigued to understand how many left their foot prints in my heart and It’s really shocking to establish that I have got hardly any who chose to love me or I chose to be as a companion.

I get an awkward feeling when I go through my Facebook friends’ list. I am connected to 140 friends via Facebook and it’s hard to believe that a few of those don’t even say ‘Hi’ when I run into them. I find that weird and don’t really understand why the Facebook contacts are named as ‘Friends’. Have I gone off onto a tangent?

Out of 14 years of my school life, I have saved only 2 pals for my rest of my life. I have no regrets for not being able to stay connected to any of those friends who were really close during my schooling. I am glad that I have a couple of friends who have accepted me and persuade me to stay connected to them. The most interesting and disturbing fact is that I have chosen only one colleague of mine as my best friend in my 5 years of work.

Having determined the numbers, I was fascinated to understand my behaviour too. I believe that I am just being friendly to my people and not as a friend. As a kid and a teenager, I was aloof and couldn’t remember having a friend till I was 11 years old. Too many people stepped in and stepped out of life after that and I preferred to stay with a couple of friends who are still my bosoms. I was raised as a home-bird and my family’s influence on my behaviour was enormous. I never went to a college and perhaps, because of which I was not exposed to more number of people. I started to work when I was 19 and it’s in a way a shame on me to confess that I haven’t made a great deal of friends. I don’t hang out, drink, smoke and don’t follow any sports and politics; hence, most of the boys wouldn’t really appreciate my company. Discussions about Handbags, Cosmetics, and Hairdo don’t really captivate me. So, the girls don’t find me interesting. Sometimes, I believe that I live between two different sides of the world and couldn’t really figure out about how to take a side. However, I should admit that I see myself as a peaceful soul who is genuinely happy with the people who are in her life at the moment.

Just like everybody, I am also a victim of treachery. Once upon a time, I was overwhelmed by the obnoxious affection of few chameleons, who helped me to coin my definition of friendship.

I am a firm believer of the quote, “If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort”. ‘Comfort’ is the mot juste. I was haunted by the fact that I have petty number of friends; however, after contemplating for ages, I don’t regret for not having made a lot of friends and now draw a conclusion that I am thankful to my friends for having accepted me with my flaws. At the end of the day, this clarity in me makes me complete and those bad memories and treacheries have cultivated sagacity in me.