Friday, February 4, 2011

Silent and Sombre

Phew! Finally, I am back with an explanation on why I haven’t written anything in the last 2 months. I am glad that I have chosen to write about why I didn’t choose to write for quite some time. That thought of mine, now finally makes me to write! Let me not sound perturbed and leave you baffled anymore.

The month of December was full of unexpected happenings and quite a few sleepless nights. I couldn’t find enough time for reading or writing and time fled by attempting to comprehend a lot of things which were, or rather which are beyond my understanding. I am still aware that I promised not to confuse you; but I would prefer not to choose specificity for the nonce.

Intrusive thoughts haunted me in the month of January. The fear of death and the involuntary thoughts about the death of my loved ones control my mind often these days. Somehow, I manage to break the blocks by spending a lot of time with the family. I firmly believe that positive vibe is the panacea and I would definitely overcome this uncanny fear that I have developed.

The last few days seemed to have passed swiftly and I seem to be on-track. I have resumed the activities which I love to do. The stationary bike at home has been dusted for me to take a ride every day. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ travels with me to work and kisses me good night. The heap of books in the bookshelf looks peaceful. Consumption of a few serves of fruits every day keeps me stress-free. Perhaps, that’s a placebo effect!

I foresee February to be a busy month; but I am hoping that I would find time to read and write.