Sunday, November 21, 2010

Those we don't speak of

It’s 3 AM now. Her eyes are struggling to get some sleep and body is longing to get refreshed. Her mind is looking forward to starting the day; but, wanting to halt the parade of thoughts. The room is dark and there is absolutely no noise around. He tugs her by his side and slowly starts to whisper to her ears. She lies helpless on the bed and he captivates her by caressing. The density of the darkness seems to thicken the intimacy. They make love again and again and temporarily forget the existence of the mighty World. For that moment, Sex is their God that makes them forget their miseries and shows them only ecstasy.

* * * * * * *

Intellects have elucidated that sex is just a hormonal act that’s behind the mask called ‘Love’. All these days, I refused to believe that humans are in self-delusion and consider ‘Love’ as a divine act. Unlike before, I don’t perceive Love or Sex as eternal anymore; but I have started to believe that as humans, we are bound to such feelings and those feelings have to be nourished to stay human. Just like my ancestors, I am also going with the flow by wilfully deluding myself to exist in this enigmatic world.