Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fitting birthday gifts

It’s my husband’s birthday today. I haven’t done anything special for him. Shame on me! No gifts were bought to surprise him. No cake and bouquet were ordered. I haven’t picked a greeting card nor have I written a small note for him. Just like any other day, I am ensconced on the bed and busy blogging. He’s happily answering calls and replying to all the texts. That sounds mundane, doesn’t it?

I took him to the Reebok store a couple of weeks ago to get a pair of shoes that he wished to buy for a long time. Fortunately, he was sated as the shoes were available as he expected. On our way back home that day, we picked a branded shirt and thus accomplished his birthday shopping. We have decided to do nothing interesting for his birthday. It’s going to be just another day in the calendar.

I always wonder about how things change as the time flies by. The excitement and enthusiasm that I had before wedding have tarnished. Our outlook has changed, but things carry profound meaning these days. I used to choose gifts meticulously for his birthday before wedding and spent hours to conceive a plan to give him an unconventional surprise. Those days have gone. All I did in the last few years were, hugged him, kissed him on his forehead and whispered ‘Happy Birthday and May God bless us’ to his ears. I haven’t broken the protocol this year too.

Hugs and kisses convey the message that words and presents fail to do.


  1. It is Time, which plays key role in this transformation between before and after-marriage. We hardly spend time with each other before marriage, so put our best efforts to make best use of it. And, only think about the loved one when we are not with them. With marriage, comes the abundant time we get to spend time, whether we want to or not. That changes everything around us!!

    It only reminds me of a proverb - 'Familarity Breeds Contempt' - the rest need not be explained. :p

  2. Very true, Mohan! The excitement gradually fades off, but just hoping that the love would stay viable forever :)