Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blind Date

It was a busy day at work and I was completely engrossed in those endless tasks. My phone cried for my attention by playing the friendship version of ‘Yaaro yaarukkul yaaro’ from 'Chennai-28'. That’s the ringtone that I have set for my favourite cousin, who is also called as my Alter Ego by my loved ones. I took meticulous effort to choose the ringtone and contact picture for him. The ringtones that I have set for my loved ones indicate my feeling for them. Looking at his picture on my phone, I wore a bright smile and answered the call for only to tell him that I would return his call. That’s something that I hate doing. Sometimes, I want to speak with my loved ones when they feel like exchanging few words with me. No anticipated time to return the call was promised, as I know myself very well. ‘Deepika’ is synonymous for ‘Lazy-bum’ and ‘Procrastinator’.

A cup of lemon tea is definitely something that I would like to have amidst a busy day. I grabbed my cup and sank in the chair to return his call. I couldn’t return the call then due to various other reasons; but I texted him promising a call back in 30 minutes. I always like to send him texts in Hindi; but, my proficiency on the language is deplorable. My husband is always pestered to help me with conjunctions and right grammar.

I relished my cup of lemon tea and floated onto the shop floor. I took a deep breath and sprawled on the chair. I picked the name from the contact list and pressed dial. Eventually, I heard his voice and we exchanged few words. I hate to throw those formal questions like ‘How are you?’, ‘How is life’ to my loved ones. I feel awkward to answer such questions. If I wasn’t doing well, my loved ones would sense it by themselves. I prefer to begin the conversation by asking ‘what are you doing?’ to ‘how are you?’ I perceive that the former one aids to increase proximity. I commenced the conversation religiously and we hopped from one topic to another and finally settled on movies. Both of us wanted to do something different and decided to go for ‘Blind date’ in one of the local cinemas.

The name was all that I knew about the show ‘Blind date’ then. I held argument with him about the features of the show. I was under an impression that any movie would be showed. He told that ‘Blind date’ was a prelude to the movies that would get released the next day. To eliminate the variance, we decided to take an expert’s opinion. I hunted for people who knew about ‘Blind date’; but to my surprise nobody carried confident knowledge about it. That’s when I learned that, not a lot of people try different things. Somehow, I managed to get concrete information about the show and he booked the tickets. The confirmation message was also sent to me.

Now, what’s different about this? Why am I writing about this?

My best buddies had attempted many times to tug me out for movies. I had always been reluctant and disinterested. I simply don’t agree to go out with anybody. But, sometimes, I believe that we go out of our way for our loved ones. My loved ones get irritated about the way I contemplate about simple outings. However, for some special people, I become a different person. It’s a biased behaviour. Yes, that’s right! But, few special people in my life earn my affection effortlessly. Arav is one among those special people, who enthrals by his subtle love and interesting companionship.

My friends will not believe if I disclose the fact that I am going for a movie on a working day. Now I am reminded of a remark that my friends left about me once. And that was, “Bear in mind! You are not in Indian Army. You just work for a BPO. Don’t slog. Get a life!”

It’s indeed nice to have a change in attitude. I am all set and looking forward to watching that ‘X’ movie.

P.S. – This post has been dedicated to Arav

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  1. So how was d Blindate???? Wat was d film u watched?