Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whatever it takes

I, as a sister and as a daughter prefer a distant viewpoint to analyse about relationships. Perhaps, as I keep my mind over matters mostly, my family perceives that I am a cynic and a stone-hearted girl. I have contemplated about striking a balance in relationships and partially succeeded. I firmly believe that difference of opinion would not change things between two good siblings / friends. Today, I have found time to draw a quick comparison about the likes and dislikes of my sister and myself.

My sister vs. myself

Cooking is an art – Cooking is just another routine

Drive around the city for one entire day – Just sit back and relax at home

Gossip, Gossip and Gossip – Don’t waste my time please

Friends and Family – Family and Friends

Look at that girl! Her hair colour is awesome – Has she coloured her hair? I didn’t notice quite well

What’s the budget for my birthday gift? I have got to plan – A good book would do

Whistle for the favourite hero in the theatre – Let’s maintain decorum

Cry watching love films – Give me a break please

Planning is the secret of success – Man proposes; God disposes

Kanchi pattu – Fab India Kurta

Designer sandals – Reebok footwear

Keep the room spick and span – Our room should not look like a museum

Revlon Lipstick and Lakme Eyeliner – I have got nothing to do with my face

Pedicure, Manicure and Golden facial – Boy cut please

Words are straight from the bottom of the heart (positive and negative) – Diplomatic

That was quite a comparison. Irrespective of the aforementioned, I love my sister for what she is. I have deplored her opinion about various things many a time. However, I strongly believe that the ultimate essence of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands. I know that I have my sister’s shoulders to lean on when I would require a moral support. She is a wonderful sister and a great friend.

P.S - Dedicating this post to my sister, Krithika Ramesh.


  1. WOW... quite an awesome comparison.. i do agree to it completly (Krithika's part as i do not know deepika that well) and ya she is a perfect shoulder to lean on... Jharna

  2. That was a well written comparison of two ladies of substance !! Each superior over the other in some aspect but blended in a simple relationship named Sisters !! Kritika must be a proud Sister !!

  3. Love dis post... I long 4 a sis lik u deeps

  4. Love the line 'Our room should not look like a museum' - totally agree! We live for ourself and not for someone to see it and be impressed. :p