Monday, October 25, 2010

For a change

I get ignited and look forward to shopping for Deepavali every year. As always, I completed shopping for Deepavali well-in-advance. I am a hardcore fan of Fab India and I take pride in showing my wardrobe piled with Fab India kurtas. My mom hates me for buying clothes only from Fab India and my friends despise the designs and colours. My mom takes special care of my clothes and helps to maintain those meticulously (Though she doesn’t like her daughter to wear clothes stitched out of drape material.) Since I am a loyal customer of Fab India, I decided not to waste time by shopping or trying anywhere else to buy clothes for Deepavali. My husband loves to accompany me for shopping as I don’t take a long time to choose, unlike any other woman. I always go for my first choice. (Not sure if first choice would always do any good). As always, I stepped into the store with the faith that something would catch my attention. Before I started to surf clothes for me, I chose to pick some shirts for few of my favourite men (My husband, my cousin and my nephew). I was elated as all the shirts that I picked were fabulous and I already dreamed of my favourite men in their respective shirts. I floated to the ladies’ section with the same faith that never faded. I was captivated by a brown colour kurta which was immediately stuffed into my shopping bag. My husband was not impressed and urged me to go for a luxurious one. I loathe those silky, jazzy, flashy, showy and loud apparels. I scanned all the shelves in the store and found nothing that was grand and simple as well. I left the shop by assuring my husband that I would definitely buy some grand clothes for Deepavali.

We visited few other shops, but stepped out shrugging. Eventually, we visited a boutique. I am always sceptical about buying clothes anywhere other than Fab India. The reasons that I have established are, A) I am used to those dull colours and lovely cotton material. B) I perceive that I don’t appear fat when I am fully clad in Fab clothes. Somehow, I quelled the sceptical thoughts and made a genuine attempt to pick one. I was puzzled looking at those crape silks, embroidered designer salwar or whatsoever. I heaped the jazzy dress materials on the display table and stood sighing. The shop-keeper threw a cotton dress material on the table and suggested disinterest. I immediately grabbed it with joy and told my husband that I love it. My husband looked relieved. The tailor toiled to take measurements and shared his expertise on tailoring. We made the payment and left the shop with smiles on our faces.

On my way back home, my phone rang and that was my mom at the other end. I did the needful by updating her about my shopping. She was extremely glad about the purchase of my full salwar set and she assumed that I was out of ‘Fab India’ addiction. She still hasn’t learned that the latter is untrue. I am happy as I will be my mom’s favourite girl on Deepavali (at least for a day).

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